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  • sometimes i wonder

    am I enough?

    (enough for redemption?)

    am I enough?


    I present to you: Right Beside You - an evening of our stories.

    Right Beside You is the official launch of the Right Beside You movement. 

    Get Ticket

    I wanted to create a space where stories are shared- OUR stories. Stories that are often taken for granted,overlooked and have gone unnoticed. Stories we have grown from and triumphed over, whether simple or complex. Stories of hope, love, adversity, pain, doubt, strength. It’s the little moments that create meaning for us. These spectrums of emotions and experiences allow us to see the details of things; it is those things that make up the big picture. They are the brush strokes that make up our masterpiece. By acknowledging them, we give meaning to our lives and show how powerful we are in our little moments. These are the everyday stories happening right beside us, right beside me and right beside you.

    Taking my poetry to another level with the help of the band Sound Energy Flux and singer Erin Reece, we aim to showcase stories that are happening right beside us and give you a colorful experience. A night filled with humor, music, poetry, daring conversations and good vibes.

    I, David Delisca, and IFreeCan invite you to come join us for the night.

    Featuring Sound Energy Flux and Erin Reece.

    With Special Guest Performers: Progress, Quentin Vercetty & Trevlyn Kennedy.

    Live music, story telling & spoken word

    When: Sunday June 16, 2013
    Where: The Underground at the Drake Hotel | 1150 Queen Street W

    15$ Advanced ticket (

    $20 at the door.

    Doors open at 7:00pm
    Show starts at 8:00 pm

    For more info:

    David Delisca: www.delisca.com | @DOdelisca

    IFreeCan: www.IFreeCan.com | @IFreeCan

    Sound Energy Flux: http://www.andrewforde.com/violinist/SEF.html | @_TheViolinist

    Erin Reece: @erinreecemusic | Progress: @ProgressRedPill | Quentin Vercetty: @artivist_cetty | Trevlyn Kennedy: http://youtu.be/D3rK6kSJU1U

    The homie Crossword recently released his project entitled Different Lightand I was given the opportunity to contribute my vocals and words to the words to the final track "Keep It Goin’"

    I love the message of the song; amongst the adversity, you gotta overcome and keep it goin’. 

    By the way, my favorite line of the piece is “Came up in the game like Cassius, just tryna make my own name like Muhammed Ali” … haha.

    Miriam Makeba - “Pata Pata”

    The reason that I love music so much, is no matter how bad you are feeling, music can turn everything around for you. You just have to allow it. Granted, it’s hard to do but yo, Music is just like time; it heals. 

    Miriam just did that for me. “Pata Pata” got me grooving around like I’m not stressed out. I might play this 50 times before I have to go back and face reality but it’s all good. “Pata Pata” made me feel that way. 

    Also, another note: I don’t know what the hell this song is about, I can’t decipher the lyrics. Still, it hits me in a way that most songs with lyrics that I do understand doesn’t hit it me.

    It makes me thank about my grandma, bless her heart. One day, when 2Pac’s “Changes” just came out, and the video was on MTV, Grandma was raving about how great of a singer 2Pac was. This was her first time hearing about 2pac or the song and Grandma doesn’t even speak an ounce of English. For 2Pac’s voice to affect like that is really powerful. 

    Music has no borders.

    Your ears don’t need a language passport to enjoy it. 

    Fleet Foxes - The Shrine / An Argument

    Visually, the symbolism in this short piece is ridiculous. All I was thinking about was survival, and the emotions that we carry with us on our quest to survival.

    Musically, I have never heard of the fleet foxes before and I feel stupid for not knowing about them. The part when the lead singer sings the lyric “sunlight over me no matter what i do" stirred so much power within me. It truly caught a brotha by surprise. 

    I don’t know if this is an official video but whatever it is — deserves my props. 

    [Enchantment - “Gloria”]

    Something that makes an ol’ soul feel young. 

    It’s a shame that romance doesn’t come like this nowadays, it’s all good. 

    Love by any means necessary. 

    Sidenote (or bottom note): This song reminds me Gloria Clemente from “White Man Can’t Jump”

    Maiko Watson - "Breaking My Heart"

    [Saw this in my email, played it, enjoyed it. Bom Bom. Really wanted to get Maiko onto the Manifesto stage, things didn’t work out due to scheduling, hope fully we can get her next year. This song is awesome, definitely different from what I am used to her singing but this seems neo Cee-Lo, The Black Keys influenced and I dig it]

    Kendrick Lamar - “Fuck Your Ethnicity” 


    I personally believe this song has no flaws. From the campfire intro, to the content and theme, to the flow and lyrics and the many cadences used to deliver the lyrics. Good job, K. Dot

    Fire burning inside my eyes, this the music that saved my life. Ya’ll be calling it hip-hop, I be calling it hypnotize. Yea, hypnotize; trapped my body, freed my mind

    Richie Blackz - “Music Box” ft David Delisca and Grier Munro


    Last December, I had the opportunity to jump in the studio and contribute to London Town’s very own Richie Blackz on his "All That’s Left" project.

    I met Richie via twitter after we were on the same show called “Sound Of Fashion” back in February 2010. That’s social networking at its finest. We did some stuff over the summer with the youth in which I was running a spoken word workshop detailing empowerment to a women’s group and then down the line, we decided to work together on a track.

    Richie sent me a beat, and I listened to it and I loved it. It sounded like some gangsta ass Rugrats type joints. Went to the studio, wrote something on the spot revolving around music. 

    Funny thing, we shot the video recently and I didn’t even know my own lyrics. The funky home girl Grier — whose vocals is on the hook, knew my lyrics word-for-word. Hilarious. 

    Listen to the track, if you like it… leave a comment on youtube and all dem fresh things.


    Kelis ft. Andre 3000

    "Millionaire" (2003)

    Such a big tune.

    The video is gravitating. I have never seen this video before this week, apparently it came out internationally in such places as UK and stuff. 

    I’m not too much into analyzing the video but I must say that it does invoke a nostalgic glee while assisting me in shuffling through my memory bank of the moments when I was younger with less responsibilities.

    When I was younger, I didn’t know that I was “that poor”. Surely, I knew I was poor—somewhat. When it came time to school shopping and my parents would never purchase a new pair of Air Jordan’s for me. In fact, for a good chunk of time, we were allotted probably had only one pair of Nike worth around $50-79 range used for the whole school year. Being immigrants, we knew that we didn’t have much but I didn’t realize that people who had J’s (Jordans) in my neighborhood didn’t necessarily mean that they were richer than us. They just used their money differently than we did. 

    But.. being poor, and not really fretting over it… That oblivious mindstate is something I wish that I could have back. 

    I’m not rich… and I feel it everyday. 

    I don’t want to be a billionaire… shoot not even a millionaire. I just want enough money to have things to eat, support my peeps and have fun. 

    Anyways, back to the song. I don’t know if Kelis says “but sex and abs don’t sell affection” or if she say “Saks Fifth Ave don’t sell affection”… I really hope she says Saks line cause that’s dope.

    Shout outs to Andre 3000’s verse

    Where there is cheese there are rats, 
    Where there are rats there are cats, 
    Where ever there are cats there are dogs. 
    If you got the dogs you got bitches. 
    Bitches always out to put their paws on your riches. 
    If you got riches, you got glitches. 
    If you got glitches in your life; computer turn it off and then reboota. 
    Now you back on. 
    Can’t just put the cap on the old bottle 
    once you pop it that will spoil it, gone and drink it and enjoy it. 

    Mama, I’m a Millionaire. 

    We want the world to know about you. Apply today to perform, exhibit, or participate in the 5th Annual Manifesto Festival of Community & Culture happening this September in Toronto. We look forward to meeting you.

    To apply go to themanifesto.ca/​submissions

    Manifesto is having their 5th Annual Festival

    Make you submission to become part of this amazing event.

    visit themanifesto.ca

    for more info, email me at david@themanifesto.ca

    (Source: themanifesto.ca)


    We want the world to know about you. Apply today to perform, exhibit, or participate in the 5th Annual Manifesto Festival of Community and Culture happening this September in Toronto. We look forward to meeting you.


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