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"It's not Delivery, it's Delisca"
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    Toronto-based spoken word artist and poet David Deliscateamed up with AVNU to film his latest piece “This Is For You”. AVNU is a creative community of learning where young people are encouraged to ask questions and be creative, feel valued for their lived experiences, and experience personal growth and development. AVNU aims to transform education through meaningful learning experiences that result in real positive change for young people.

    For more info:avnu.ca

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    N’Exposé - “Flux”


    Yo. Waddup!?! Happy New Year. 

    During December 2013, I balanced my life with finding with innovating breakfast meal of oatmeal mixed with virgin ciroc for the liquid base (because water or milk is overrated) and writing a lot of stuff. One of the stuff  was a piece called “Brother” that I wrote was a contribution to a great Toronto-based movement called N’Exposé that enables and facilitates awesome collaborations of Toronto artists of many different artistic stream. The initiative was created by funky fly girls, Martika Gregory and Alexandra Blaauw. 

    This month’s edition was called Flux, where visual artist and poets collaborated. Poets were asked to write a piece based on the inspiration of a piece created by a visual artist. I had the honor to created brother based on the inspiration of a piece written by present mommy-to-be, Janelle Newbold. I had a fun time writing it and I am happy to have been part of the project. 

    Visit http://n-expose.tumblr.com/tagged/december

    Here’s some updates of the emotions within my life

    I’ve been stuck on level 350 on Candy Crush for about a month now
    Been sleeping too much lately, taking too many naps
    Really considering finishing school with a Creative Writing degree
    My grammar sucks
    It’s been almost five years since I stopped drinking liquor
    I’m finally proud of myself for being a sober introvert with extrovert tendencies (better late than never)
    I want to make people smile for no reason
    I want to make myself smile for no reason
    I honestly believe I will be single for the rest of my life
    I am cool with that (being single forever)
    I am saddened that I am actually cool with that (being single forever)
    I love kids
    Kids say the darndest and meanest things
    I don’t want my own kids
    My old earth, she doesn’t spin the same, it’s hurts me how much she is hurting
    A lil bit of me doesn’t want to live longer than my old earth
    I almost exercised three days in a row, ahh… progress
    I miss my cousins
    I miss my father
    I don’t miss my father asking me what I’m gonna do with my life
    National poetry slam champion but I don’t feel like I am 
    I don’t even feel like a poet sometimes
    My grammar really sucks
    I wonder why all of our interactions are through text messaging
    I hate text messaging
    BBM was such a useless app, I deleted it. Thank God. 
    I forgot how to pray, that’s why I am scared to. 
    I need new pants
    I believe that somewhere in a department store are the perfect pants that need me
    I love my Dominican friends
    I cry for how the Dominican Republic is treating my Haitians
    I hate crying. 
    I hate what Saudi Arabia is doing to undocumented Ethiopians
    18 years of my life were spent being undocumented, I still feel like an alien
    I want to be casted in a sci-fi movie
    Be the proof that Haitians exist in the future
    I eat too much grilled cheese sandwiches, how is that even possible?
    Thankful for Marjane for writing Persepolis 1 and 2
    I think lust is keeping me single
    I think I make too many excuses to everything
    My creole sucks now
    I don’t feel like a “real” Haitian anymore
    What validates anything as “real”
    I am not lonely, give thanks
    I really want to finish Candy Crush before 2014.

    Toronto Poetry Slam Wins First Place at the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word

    Ayo, We Won

    Whoa. Waddup?

    For the past four years, I have been involved with the Toronto Poetry Slam team and this year I was finally able to be a champion. 

    Much love to my team, our captain Optimus Rhyme, Philosofly, Kilggy, IF and our coach Ian Keteku. 

    It’s been a great ride filled with valleys and peaks but it’s a beautiful situation to grow with so many talented artists and wonderful humans. Our goals have been achieved and our voices have been heard. We are the best team in Canada. 




    Part of the “Sounds of My City” Series (6 of 6)

    Directed/Filmed/Edited by: Mark Valino
    Written & Performed by: David Delisca

    David’s Statement:
    Keep It Goin’ comes from a guest contribution that I did for my boy Crossword’s project “Different Light” EP. A while back, Crossword asked me if I could write something about persistence and I said “yea, waddup, I gotchu” and that’s how Keep It Goin was born. 

    The idea for it stared during my genesis as an artist in Canada with all the adversity that was against me as a new artist trying to make a sustainable lifestyle doing what I love. As a new immigrant during that time, I had issues finding my stance while having financial issues and this is something that I am not the only one who relates to. New immigrants and new artist will suffer resistance but they are to trust their persistence and keep it goin to make it through.

    I met up with the smooth playa Valino after having developed a relationship through our ties at Manifesto and I yearned to work with and then the universe like “aight, imma make this happen for ya’ll’ and then whoop, there it is. 

    Follow David on twitter here:

    Valino’s Log:
    In February of 2013 David posted a FB status update saying that he was curious what a video artist could do with his work. Knowing that David is a hugely talented writer I took on the challange. Although it would take half a year for us to actually get together to shoot something it was a project I had in the back of my mind all through a busy summer. I picked the grange park for a bunch of different reasons. One being that I walk through this park everyday and there are so many great angles to shoot in this downtown park and so much goes on there in terms of culture. Second was because I felt it went with the theme of his piece, being about struggling artists and what better place than in between the Art Gallery of Ontario and The Ontario College of Art. Also through our Manifesto roots we decided to showcase some of the new line of clothing which also fit the theme of Art is Power. This video was roughly planned and executed with little to no plan which I try to do at least one of these shoots a year to keep my skills sharp and works as a creative exercise for me. This was shot within the span of 3hrs on a beautiful sunny day in September and fully edited in 6hrs.

    follow Valino on twitter here:

    The ISM 

    What a beautiful night filled with beautiful people. On August 17th 2013, I had the opportunity to host an amazing showcase featuring some of Canada’s best acts as well as internationally renowned poet Warsan Shire of London, England. 

    Much love to the homie Maz for amazing a great vision and the great work of Lisa and the whole team in executing such a wonderful night. 

    "To love well is the task in all meaningful relationships, not just romantic bonds." - bell hooks

    Thank you to the community for showing that love.

    Bom Bom.


    sometimes i wonder

    am I enough?

    (enough for redemption?)

    am I enough?



    “Happiness is like a butterfly which, when pursued, is always beyond our grasp, but, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you.” — Nathaniel Hawthorne


    I went to Day 3 of the Unity Festival that was happening Dundas Square of Toronto. I run into my former slam teammate, Britta Badour. (Hol’ up, let me fix that, she ain’t a former anything, once a teammate, always a teammate.) Seeing Britta reminded me about the time we talked about “happiness” and she referred the Hawthorne quote. 

    It was fitting to see her because I was chasing a few butterflies this week and kept accidentally scaring them away with my chase. (Funny joke, I’m already a “suspicious” black man, so I can’t be chasing stuff but I guess if a butterfly does think that I am suspicious then that means it’s a racist butterfly and I shouldn’t get involved with racist butterflies. Okay, not that funny of a joke after I typed it out.)

    Anyway… I’m just gon let happiness rest its wings upon my forehead while I lay up in the concrete jungle. I’m gon walk around like a dope ass botanical garden because it’s all about the energy. Nature know about your energy so I gotta more aware about the energy that I give to Nature.


    Follow Britta on Twitter: @missbrittab

    Jamaica Kincaid - Girl

    Log: I was really impressed by the writing on this. Really inspired me to be more transparent in my writing, I believe the intentions of transparency  allow for the output of creativity to manifest itself. 

    Here’s a little short Right Beside You piece about the homie.

    I hope ya’ll enjoy.

    Video shot and edited by Ebti Nabag.

    Right Beside You - June 16th

    "You wasn’t perfect but you made life worth it"

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